Anti-Drugs Subject Material Needs Evaluation


Udayana University (Unud) Rector Prof Dr Made Bakta thought that the government need to reevaluate the plan to integrate anti-drugs subject material into the curriculum.

“If this material integrated into the curriculum, we are concerned that the curriculum will be too heavy,” he said.

He realized that scholars are also responsible to prevent the nations moral degradation including the drugs effects and dangers.

“Substantially, we agree, but technically we need to reevaluate and it doesn’t have to be integrated into the curriculum,” he said.

He also explained that anti-drugs subject material could be attached to extracurricular activities as well as various types of socialization to increase students’ understanding on the dangers of drugs.

“We tend to be reactive when there is any incident. Before, when there are many terrorism cases, there is also a discussion to integrate anti-terrorism into the curriculum,” he said.

He even thought that if every incident is responded by integrating then into the curriculum, it will put burden on the students’ shoulder. The delivery technique has to be well considered.

Previously Education and Culture Minister M Nuh said that by looking at the seriousness of drugs case in Indonesia, so his team planned to integrate anti-drugs material into curriculum 2013, starting from elementary to university.

Education and Culture Ministry will ask cooperation with National Drugs Bureau (BNN) in running the anti-drugs curriculum. BNN will also be involved in relation to the curriculum content and practice in the real situation.

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