Bali Imports US423.53 Million Worth of Capital Goods


Bali imported capital goods valued at US$25.53 million in December, 2012, up 141.35 percent from the same months  in 2011.

The imports also rose 35.36 percent from US$17.38 million  November, head of the Bali Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Gede Suarsa said here.

The imports, however, were still far below Bali’s exports of US$44.49 million in December, though declining from US$49.88 million in December in 2011.

Suarsa said imports of various types of capital goods are expected to help boost the regional economic development.

The capital goods were imported mainly from Hong Kong accounting for 24.46 percent , Singapore  22.49 percent,  Vietnam 11.92 percent, China 11.31 percent  and  Thailand 7.78 percent.

Bali’s five main import commodities are mechanical machines , electric equipment, wheat products, jewelry and gypsum.

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