Fish Consumption to Reach 34 Kg/Capita


Fish consumption for Balinese this year is targeted to reach 34,94 kilograms per capita as an effort to encourage production increase in fishery subsector development.

“Increase on fish consumption for Balinese is expected to be achieved, since the production target significantly increases from previous year,” Head of Marine and Fishery Department Bali I Made Gunaja said in Denpasar.

Increase on fish consumption for Balinese indirectly influences the effort to increase fishery production, especially water fish.

That is done since the Island of Gods is lack of water fish production so that every year thousands tons of fish have to be shipped in from other regions.

However, in the future it will not happen again because Bali has committed to support Indonesia as the biggest producer of marine and fishery products in the world on 2015.

“In fact, average of fish consumption in Bali is 30 kilogram per capita. It continues improving with various efforts,” he said.

Made Gunaja predicted that consumption level of residents in the city and around coastal area in Bali is higher than villagers, which is only 28 kilogram per year.

“To encourage the villagers’ interest, we run marketing through mobile facilities,” he said.

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