“Ngelawang” Dragon Will Cheer Up Imlek at Kuta


About 100 people from Banjar Darma Semadi social group, Kuta, Badung regency, Bali, carried out cleaning action, decorated, and set equipments to celebrate Chinese New Year (Imlek) 2564 at Dharmayana Vihara.

“People collaborate and divide themselves to clean surround environment, clean room inside the Vihara, put colorful flags and lamps decoration so that it looks more lustrous,” Head of Banjar Darma Semadi social group Alim Darna said.

He said that the Imlek preparation was carried out from morning until afternoon, besides young people practiced the barongsai and dragon procession that will be done one day before Imlek.

The ritual procession in the form of unique and attractive performance at the area of Kuta will begin celebration of Chinese New Year 2564 which will be held on Saturday evening, 9 February 2013.

The procession passing a route around Vihara Dharmayana and the main roads at Kuta involves four barongsai and two dragons.

The “ngelawang” or walk around barongsai and dragon performance is scheduled to run around two hours, from 16.00 to 19.00 Wita and it tries not to disturb the traffic that is always crowded.

For that reason, the procession is deliberately carried out in the evening, which also coordinate with police and “pecalang” or traditional security of Kuta.

On the next day, Buddhists welcome New Year by praying at their own house, then go to Vihara and Kelenteng.

Individual prayer starts at midnight for 24 hours, thus the Vihara will be always crowded and there is possibility that domestic and foreign tourists are spending their vacation at the area, Alim Darna said.

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