Police Personnel to be Strengthened before APEC


Bali Regional Police began strengthening its personnel’s readiness and their equipment in Brimob Unit before the event of Asia-Pacific Economy Cooperation Conference (KTT APEC) that will be held on October 2013.

“We cant be prepared on September while the event is on October, then the enemies will be one step ahead. Starting from now we do the preparation,” Head of Bali regional police Inspektur Jenderal Arif Wachyunadi said after the Personnel and Equipment Flag Ceremony in consolidating Brimob Unit at Serangan Island, Denpasar.

Brimob Unit that consists of five main functions, they are Terror resistance, Chaos Police, Search and Rescue Team, Bomb Squad, and Brimob Intelligent, started the personnel and equipment ceremonial event.

The ex-Head of Nusa Tenggara Barat Regional Police checked in detail one by one the equipment readiness starting from the vehicles and weapons as well as tested the Brimob personnel readiness.

He said that the preparation is not only due to APEC which will be attended by 21 countries and thousands of delegates but also for some important events such as the Governor election that will be on May 2013.

Arif mentioned that previously his team since January 2013 had conducted orientation in the work force and region of Polda Bali including observation, geography and demography introduction.

Moreover, during February until April 2013, he will run strength consolidation on each function to know the personnel and equipment’ strength and ability.

“We plan it will be conducted for three months, starts from February to April and it will be documented, then there will be analysis and evaluation for designing operation plan,” he emphasized.

We planned that other work force in Polda Bali will take turns to host the flag ceremony so that we can design the operation plan for APEC security that will be explained on May 2013 to Mabes Polri.

The general with two stars admitted that in Brimob work force we still need some additional both quantity and quality in terms of equipment.

Now the Brimob personnel in Bali are 800 people but will be supported by personnel of nearest Polda and Mabes Polri.

“Equipment such as X-ray photo is expired, we have to buy a new one but there is solution for it. We will evaluate in this three months the lack of equipment, it’s just Brimob, later in the next two months we will ask for replacement to Mabes,” he emphasized.

On the flag ceremony, there was simulation of handling terrorism attack including demonstration pacification in relation to the Election on May 2013.

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