Promising Herbal HIV Treatment Discovered


A potential herbal cure for HIV/AIDs is being investigated and developed by researchers at the University of Airlangga in Surabaya.

Nasronudin, an academic who heads the university’s Institute of Tropical Disease, said that the research has already taken two years and that the project team hopes the final product will be ready sometime next year.

He said several active substances from a number of plants have been studied, and substances from two plants have been found, based on invitro laboratory tests, as having the ability to reduce the count of human immunodeficiency viruses.

The two plants currently undergoing tests are the Justicia gendarussa and the Camelia sinesis.

Due to the positive results, Nasronudin explained, the next step was to commence tests on “living beings, from animals to humans.”

He added that the final research results will provide clues for a possible cure and that the actual production would be handed over to a pharmaceutical company for mass production.

Nasronudin said the treatment would be an antiretroviral (ARV) medicine, a treatment that assists HIV/AIDS patients to lower the virus count in their blood.

“Hopefully, Indonesia can produce HIV/AIDS medicine on its own, so that we do not need to continue to import it. If we create the medication ourselves, the price can be cheaper and therefore the coverage wider. That way all those who need this cure can access it.”

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  1. flaco comir Says:

    Making such claims in Indonesia where traditional medicine often is in question from many uneducated people – and people from rural areas that do not trust modern medicine – can only help spread diesese.

    Soon, they will be selling this snakeoil from the kisosk.

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