Bali’s Exports Down Slightly to $481 Million


Bali’s non-oil/non-gas exports last year fell 3.22 percent to US$481.83 million from US$497.86 million a year earlier because of global economic slowdown, according to the local statistics office.

“The drop was closely related to economic slowdown in export destinations, such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong,” the office’s head, Gede Suarsa said here.

Last year’s exports were dominated by products of small-scale and handicraft industries which accounted for 74.53 percent of the overall non-oil/non-gas export value, he said.

The remaining 24.47 percent came from farm  commodities including fishery products, he said.

He said seven commodities produced by the household industry contributed US$157.02 million to the province’s foreign exchange earnings last year, down 18.27 percent from US$192.13 million a year ago.

The seven commodities including canned fish, fabricated homes, plastics, shoes, bags, textiles and textile products contributed 32.59 percent of the overall exports, he said.

Handicraft goods meanwhile contributed US$202.06 million to the total exports, a 2.34 percent increase compared to US$197.45 million the year before, he said.

The handicraft commodities which consisted of 17 types contributed 41.94 percent of the overall exports.

Farm commodities including those from the fishery sector contributed US$114.89 million to the foreign exchange earnings, up 12.03 percent from US$102.55 million the year before.

Other products contributed US$7.11 million to the overall exports, a 47.66 percent surge from US$4.81 million in the previous year.

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