Dolphins are Confiscated from Restaurant


Forestry Ministry soon confiscates dolphins from Akame Dolphin Bay Restaurant at Benoa, Denpasar, to respond to the claim from the community and endangered animal lovers.

“We agree with the owner that the dolphins should be analised further and while it is rehabilitated in the conservation at Karimun Jawa, it needs preparation,” the Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan said in Denpasar.

He said that those two dolphins, one is seven years old and the other is nine years old, will be transferred to Karimun Jawa National Park. But until now we don’t know the exact schedule yet since many preparations have to be done.

He also stated that there are only three conservations that have license for dolphin show, they are Taman Safari, Ancol, and Wersut Seguni.

However, Zulkufli added that based on the Government Regulation Number 8 on 1999 about The Use of Plant and Wild Animal, dolphins could be presented in other conservation as long as it has license from one of those three official conservations.

In Akame Dolphin Bay restaurant, The Minister said that it is not fit because the place is small and the pond is made of plastic.

Thus, he will revise the government regulation regarding regulation for giving a license is tighter in terms of the place preparation and suitability.

“The government regulation have stated that the conservation can have a dolphin show in other city. It will be revised soon. It means that dolphins should be put in the conservation that have fulfilled the requirement and suitability,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ade Kusmana as the manager of Akame Dolphin Bay Restaurant said that he is willing to follow the Minister’s instruction. But he is disappointed because of the issue spreading in the social media.

“We are disappointed but we will follow the instruction of Forestry Minister.  But, if we are wrong, please change the regulation,” he said.

Ade said that the restaurant have fulfilled the international standard for pond size of 13 metres length, 10 metres width, and 2, 5 metres depth or twice of adult dolphins size. The senior dolphin trainer doubted that the two smart mamalia would be comfortable in Karimun Jawa since the area was damage due to windstorm.

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  1. alan diggo Says:

    Where else would 2 dolphins receive restaurant prepared food every day.??

  2. Marina Says:

    13x10x2, 5 for 2 adult dolphins! Shame on you, Bali

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