Governor Was Blocked in Tabanan


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika was concerned about prohibition of Village Economic Activity Institution (LUEB) fund and farming machine delivery in Tabanan regency.

To the reporters in Denpasar, Pastika said that the fund was given at Pakendungan Temple, Tabanan. But because of the prohibition, he planned to give the fund to Timpag Village, Tabanan. It was also prohibited, so the fund was given to Cemagi village, Badung regency.

“The fund is given to Tabanan since it is the largest rice producer in Bali. Besides, the donation is intended for farmers,” he said.

Pastika predicted that the prohibition has connection to Bali election on May 15. On the election, Pastika is paired up with I Ketut Sudikerta who is vice-regent of Badung regency as well as Head of DPD Golkar Bali.

Meanwhile, Tabanan is the base of Indonesia Democration Party of Struggle (PDIP), which on the election this year proposesthe pair of Anak Agung Ngurah Puspayoga-Dewa Nyoman Sukrawan.

“It should not happen because actually the regional government can’t stand alone in developing the area. If they don’t want to accept any donation, can they run their program? Don’t think that anyone is able to be independent,’ Pastika said.

The regional income (PAD) of Tabanan regency is around Rp 182 billions, whereas Tabanan budget on 2013 is Rp 1,1 trillions. “It means that the money intended for development in the area mostly is from outside Tabanan, it desn’t include ministerial programs such as farming machine donation that has been delivered,” he said.

He emphasized that the programs of Bali province is not an individual matter for his candidacy, but as an effort to bring welfare to Balinese people.

Meanwhile, the Head of Farming and Food Products Department Ida Bagus Wisnuardhana delivered two units of permanent tool and rice cutter (combine harvester) and ten paddy sheds to faemers in Tabanan. Besides, the paddy-milling group also got LUEP fund.

“The government of Bali province also allocate farming fund for Tabanan regency in amount of Rp 15 billions. Meanwhile Agriculture Department Tabanan only allocate Rp 250 millions,” he said.

From his discussion with Head of Agriculture Department Tabanan Nyoman Budana, it is stated that it was not the fund that they refused but all Pastika’s action could not be done in the regency that is known as granaryof Bali.

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