Kerta Gosa Needs Renovation


The member of Bali parliament (DPRD) expected that the government put attention on the existence of Kerta Gosa, which is located in Klungkung regency, that needs to be renovated.

“We hope that regional and provincial government put their attention on the condition of tourism object that belongs to Klungkung kingdom heritage,” member of Commission I DPRD Bali Tjokorda Gde Ngurah said in Denpasar.

He said that the existence of the Klungkung Kingdom heritage needs a great attention and maintenance so that it is as perpetual as before.

“Now it needs continuous attention and maintenance so that it is as perpetual as Kingdom era. Don’t make it into a continuous conflict about who should manage and get contribution from the tourist visit,” he said.

Ex-Regent of Klungkung hoped that the existence of tourism object located in the center of Semarapura is retained, in addition the puppets painting on its ceiling is relevant to the human behavior in Earth to reach heaven.

“The Kamasan classic puppet painting is full of life meaning to reach heaven. If humans are well-mannered they will go to heaven, on the other hand if they are not being a good person they will be put in hell,” a Golkar party politician said.

For that reason, Tjokorda Ngurah said that as a historical civilization heritage from kingdom era to republic era, this place must be preserved as a cultural heritage.

“Don’t make it a problem of who has the right to manage it but how we save this historical heritage,” he said.

He hoped that for the existence of this historical tourism object, any maintenance and renovation should be planned on both regional and provincial budget.

“If we can’t handle it with the regional budget, we should report it to the central government so that we can get fund from the national budget (APBN),” he said.

Kerta Gosa is a building (bale) that is a part of Semarapura palace building complex and it has been built around 1686 by the highest authority and the first King of Klungkung kingdom Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe.

It is a place for discussing all matters related to situation of safety, prosperity, and justice in the area of Bali kingdoms or in other words it is the ancient Bali court.

Kerta Gosa consists of two buildings (bale), Bale Kerta Gosa and Bale Kambang. It is called Bale Kambang because the building is surrounded by a pond named Taman Gili.

The uniqueness of Kerta Gosa is there are traditional painting (classic puppets) on its ceiling.

On the painting, it obviously describesthe cases on the trial conducted in the building and how punishment as well as types of punishment given to the accused.

Kerta Gosa was also used as a court hall during Dutch colonial bureaucracy in Klungkung (1908 – 1942) and since a local official became the King of Klungkung kingdom area (Ida I Dewa Agung Negara Klungkung) on 1929.

Indeed, the remains of court furniture, such as crafted and gold painted wooden chairs and table are there.

The furniture is evidence of traditional customary court, which was held in Klungkung during Dutch colonial (1908 -1942) and Japan (1943-1945).

On 1930, there was restoration toward the puppets painting in Kerta Gosa and Bale Kambang by the painters from Kamasan. The last painting restoration was on 1960.

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