Many Disabled Children are Badly Treated


Regional Children Forum Bali Province stated that there are many inhumane treats toward disabled children in this area.

“Many inhumane treats could be found in village areas,” Wahyu Aditya said as supervisory staff of Regional Children Forum Bali Province in the middle of the campaign for eliminating discrimination toward disabled children in Denpasar.

The cause of that bad treatment is laid on family embarrassment because they see that what happen to their children or brothers and sisters is a disgrace.

Many children with specific need are hidden by putting them on stocks in certain place to reduce the family embarrassment.

“We concern on this discriminative treats and it should be stopped. For that reason we run this campaign to get people support,” he said.

He said that in the city area most people have treated those children better by taking them to a special school.

However, sometimes the treats given are too much that those disable children feel that they are not normal like others.

In fact, they want to be treated as normal person who has talent on any field.

“Because of that over-care, the children’s talent becomes undeveloped,” he said.

He thought that those disabled children could be treated like a normal person by giving them chance to join a variety of activities to develop their talent.

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