Unmanaged Tahura Will Reduce Environment Quality


Indonesia Forum of Environments (Walhi) Bali thought that PT Tirta Rahmat Bahari (TRB) as the license recipient of Ngurah Rai Public Forest Park is (Tahura) not suitable to manage the 102,22 hectares conservation land.

“We believe that the company is not fit to manage Ngurah Rai Tahura, it could be seen from its presence in dealing with the claim,” Hed of Walhi Bali I Wayan “Gendo” Suardana said in Denpasar.

He said that the company should have big responsibility in managing an area that is important for environment quality in the island of Gods. It also should have a good performance.

However, in the trial it was not ready to deal with this problem so it seemed to procrastinate and don’t have the ability.

“We think that company doesn’t show that it could manage it and it seems as a doll,” he emphasized.

Gendo explained that we should know how responsible the company is since the are is very important for us.

One hectare of Tahura is the same as five hectares of tropical or land forest. So, we can imagine how much it is and the potential of environment quality degradation if the area is not well-managed.

Before, Gendo also said that the Bali Governor regulation on Ngurah Rai Tahura had violated President Instruction about moratorium of primary forest management.

For that reason, in the previous trial it is included as a new point on the claim.

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