50 Percent Election Spots are Dangerous


Bali Regional Police Station Chief Irjen Pol Arif Wachyunadi said that in a regency there are 800 voting spots (TPS) in the regional election on May 2013, 50 percent of it are dangerous.

“However, the police corps are ready to secure the election,” Bali Regional Police Station Chief Irjen Pol Arif Wachyunadi said after the tree planting at Tanguntiti village, Tabanan.

He said that the election security program had been prepared based on panel discussion with many people.

From the discussion, it was found that the list of permanent elector (DPT) and TPS is temporary since it could be changed in line with the reality on the field.

Bali Regional Police Station had prepared security at the voting spots based on the permanent elector list.

Irjen Pol Arif Wachyunadi who also ex-Chief of Polda NTB didn’t give any detail of the number of police that will be involved in the election.

The danger in some voting spots could be seen from its demography, geography and criminality. To support the data, it will reflect back to the analysis in 2009.

Irjen Pol Arif Wachyunadi also emphasized that the police don’t ask help from the army (TNI) and other security force yet because the ratio of police and the voting spots is still sufficient.

“The police must be more than the number of voting spots as the back-up. Personels of Bali Regional Police Station now are 12.000 people, 4.000 are prepared for routine duty,” he said.

He hoped that there is cooperation between the community and police during the preparation and the process of election.

Irjen Pol Arif Wachyunadi stated that the community involvement is very important to maintain the safety in Bali.

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