Bali Traditional Craft Export Increases Significantly


Bali traditional crafts of small enterprises in home industries on 2012 contributed foreign exchange of US$202.06 million, or increased by 2.34 percent compared to that of previous year which stood at US$197.45 million.

“Art crafts of Balinese artists contributed 41.94 percent of total Bali export that reached USD 481.83 million,” said Public Relation Chief of Bali Province Administration I Ketut Teneng here.

According to him, the total foreign exchange revenue of Bali decreased by 3.22 percent as in 2011 it was reached US$ 497.86 million.

He said there are at least 17 craft commodities of Bali home industries that distributed into foreign market besides sold in domestic market for tourists that visit Dewata Island.

Teneng admitted several art crafts that succeed to penetrate international markets consist of various sculptures and other wooden made crafts.

The wooden crafts values for USD 71.40 million which is increased 12.87 percent compared to previous year that reached USD 63.34 million or 13.84 percent of total export value of Bali.

While bamboo made crafts, woven objects, padas stone crafts and furniture also contributed foreign revenue to Bali each for USD12.88 million, USD2.08 million, USD11.48 million and USD34.81 million.

Teneng said ceramic crafts gives revenue to Bali at USD1.06 million while crafts made from clamshell also reached USD945, 275.

“For leather, wax and other materials of crafts each contributed for Bali revenue at USD9.57 million, USD13.6 million and USD220, 877,” said Teneng.

Bali province have no natural resources that can be rely to produce revenues. However the art and unique skills to produce crafts can contributed to foreign exchange revenue of Bali.

“I hope the contribution can be increase in the future,” said Teneng.

Meanwhile, Bali’s exports of fishery  and maritime products  rose 12.02 percent to US$114.89 million in 2012 from US$102.55 million in the previous year.

Last year, Bali exported 11 types of fishery  and maritime commodities  in 2012, spokesman said.

He said fishery sector accounted for 23.84 percent  of Bali’s  total exports  of US$481.83 million in 2012 , down 3.22 percent from US$497.86 million in 2011.Ketut Teneng said tuna dominated Bali’s fishery exports, adding its exports of tun totaled 14,254.3 tons valued at US$83.25 million in 2012, down from 16,585 tons valued at US$83.09 million in 2011.

Other fishery export commodities include skip-jacks, crabs, the groupers, milk fish, lobster, seaweed, etc, he said

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