Fertile-Age Couple Interested in Long-term Contraception


Fertile-age couples (PUS) in Badung regency are more interested in using Long-term Contraception Method (MKJP) to support the success of family planning (KB) program.

“The service of free KB through service car by National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) Bali representatives accompanied by RSUP Sanglah, IDI, IBI, TP-PKK, TNI and Polri could embrace Badung acceptors to use MKJP,” the Head of KB section KBKS Badung dr Ermy Setiari said.

The service held in Mengwi district, Badung regency could embrace many acceptors to use long-term contraception method.

Ni Nyoman Asih (25) admitted that she choose modern contraception method, which is IUD or attached contraception.

“I support the KB program, to have two children is enough, whether they are male or female,” she said.

She added that having two children she is very happy in her marriage since without KB there would be many problems arise.

Moreover, by conducting this KB program, which is to have two childen, she has sufficient time to undergo economy productive business, so that she could help her husband in increasing the family income.

Having two children could guarantee to continue education until university. It is because of KB program.

“If I have many children, it is impossible that I could continue my children education to the highest level because the educational fee nowadays is very expensive. Now can’t be compared with long time ago as what the idiom said the more children you have then the more fortune you get. Now is different,” Nyoman Asih said.

The Head of KB section KBKS Badung dr Ermy Setiari advised the fertile-age couples who don’t use MKPJ yet to replace it with one of MKPJ contraception, such as MOP, MOW, Implant, and IUD.

It is important since MKPJ is more effective than using contraception methods such as condom, injection, and pils.

“If use condom, sometimes the condom is not avalaible so that it cause pregnancy. Whereas injection and pils, its weakness is when we forget eat pil or don’t have time to get injection,” dr Ermy setiari said.

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