Orphans Steal US Dollars from a House in Bali


Police have arrested three orphans who allegedly stole millions of US dollar from a house in Jembrana, Bali province.

“We arrest them after getting information from a money changer saying that three children had exchanged US dollar

currency into rupiah,” Head of Public Relations Department of Jembrana Regional Police, Adjunct commissioner Wayan Setiajaya said here.

Setiajaya said  the three children identified with their initials as IPK (15), SN (18) and AVP (16) who lived in an orphanage in Jembrana, Bali, stole the money twice in I Gusti Ketut Darmada’s house in Jenderal Sudirman street, Negara city.

According to the police, they firstly stole US$2,000, a camera, a laptop, and Rp300 thousand from the house on January 1, 2013.

Secondly, they stole US 100 dollar, Rp6 million, a wrist watch and a mobile phone.

Setiajaya noted that the three children had exchanged all stolen money they got from the first theft and used it  for buying mobile phone and daily needs.

Meanwhile the evidence they obtained in the second theft such as currency and substance were found still intact, the police disclosed.

Based on examination conducted in the scene, the three teenagers entered the house by breaking through the roof of the house while the house owner was away.

In committing their criminal actions, the thieves simply used a small knife to tear the ceiling wood, the police said.

As a sanction to the criminal action, the three teenagers were charged with article 363 of the Criminal Law with maximum seven years in jail.

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