Stars Hotel Occupancy in Bali Decrease


Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) noted that the average of stars hotel occupancy in Bali in 2012 had decreased compared to previous year.

“The average of stars hotel occupancy in Bali in 2012 is 61,48%, whereas in 2011 is 62,15%,” the Secretary General of PHRI Bali Perry Markus said.

It is imbalance with the increasing number of foreign and domestic tourists every year, which is quite significant. Based on the record, foreign tourists visiting Bali in 2012 is 2,89 millions people, on the other hand in the previous year is 2,76 millions people.

This condition showed that if the increasing quantity don’t influence hotel occupancy in Bali.

“It is related to the rapid construction of new hotels that is centered in one area. It also might be the result of tourism quality degradation offered to the tourists,” he said.

The decreasing of hotel occupancy also occurred in non-star hotels in Bali, from 36,87% to 36,51%.

Previously, the Head of PHRI Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati said that the tourist visit increase but the length of stay decrease.

“The decreasing length of stay is caused by inner and outer factors,” he said.

He said that the outer factor is the overlapping promotion network since there is no coordination among related parties.

Moreover, there is lack of direct flight from potential countries, such as Russia and China.

“On the other hand, the inner factors are the lack of tourist potential management in Bali. So far, the development is only in one area,” he said.

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