The Local Cultural Value to Reform Bureaucracy


The Administrative Reforms deputy minister Eko Prasojo thought that adoption of cultural value and local wisdom could accelerate bureaucracy reform in Indonesia.

“We think that many local wisdoms are available in each region, especially Bali, there are many values that could be inspiration and principle in our bureaucracy,” he said.

He said that the importance of cultural approach is because theoretically and practically, the bureaucracy reform includes two dimensions, which is structure and culture reform.“The structure reform related to process, mechanism, etc. Whereas culture reform has connection to mental and behavior,” he said in the seminar hosted by Denpasar government cooperated with Udayana University.

He said that based on the research findings in some areas in Indonesia, such as Bali, East Java, West Sumatra, South Sulawesi, culture could encourage democracy growth and bureaucracy reform.

“However, the impact that happens today is that the strong politic intervention in regional strata also influence culture and is used for partial politic demand,” he said.

For that reason, he hoped that the cultural values could be a public demand so that it could support culture in bureaucracy.

He took sample in Denpasar that make the cultural value of sewaka dharma as the basic philosophy in providing service. For him the philosophy is very good and has made the serving principle as an obligation.

“If the awareness to serve people could be internalized to the administrations and bureaucrat, then bureaucracy reform will happen so quickly,” Eko said.

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