Cross Religion Joint Appeal Related to Nyepi

The Interfaith and Religious Council in Bali Province issued a joint appleal to succeed the celebration of Nyepi, Saka New Year 1935, which is on March 12 2013.

“The appeal was signed by the head of council, interfaith and religious council,” the Head of Bali Province Branch office of Religion Ministry, Aa Gd Muliawan said.

He said that the cross-religion joint appeal is the result of meeting involving related institutions at Bali Province Religion Ministry Branch office.

The participants of the meeting is from cross religion Communication Forum (FKAUB), the unity, politics, and security agency (Kesbang), Bali regional Police, Grand Council of Customary Village (MUDP), the Head of cross-religion council, and head of Religion Ministry branch in all recencies/ mucicipality in Bali.

The joint appeal was signed by eleven Head of Bali interfaith and religion councils, Bali Regional Police, and Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika.

The appeal to succeed the celebration of Nyepi is signed by the Head of Bali Indonesian Parisadha Hindu Council (PHDI) dr. I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana and the Head of MUDP Bali Jro Gede Suwena Putus Upadesa, S.H. Then, it is signed by Bali Province MPAGKetut Waspada, FKAUB Bali Drs. Ida Bagus Gede Wiyana, Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Bali, Bisphoric Denpasar, the Indonesian Buddhist Council (Walubi) Bali andCouncil of Confucianism (Matakin) Provinsi Bali.

In the appeal socialized to 1.480 customary village (pekraman) and all communities in the Island of Gods, the Hindus people are expected could conduct the four main restrictions on Nyepi (Catur Brata Penyepian) based on the guidance issued by PHDI.

The four main restrictions are amati geni (no lighting fires), amati karya (no working), amati lelungan (no travelling), and amati lelanguan (no entertainment or pleasure).

The non-Hindus people on Nyepi Day, March 12 2013, in conducting their liturgy should adjust to the condition of Nyepi.

There is prohibition to light firecracker and other similar noise creator that can distract the holiness of Nyepi as well as distracting the public decency.

Besides, there is prohibition of entertainment package on Nyepi for all hotels in the island of Gods. The national security staffs protect the cross-religion joint appeal in Bali.

“This joint appeal have to be socialized by religion council as well as related institution to all people in Bali,” Muliawan said.

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