Foodmart Market 60 percent of Local Fruits


Gourmet Foodmart shop at Kuta, Bali, marketed more than 60 percent of local fruits or more that imported fruits.

“About 60 percent products that we sell here are local fruits, whereas 40 percent are from abroad,” Agus Setiawan, the Store Manager of Gourmet Foodmart said.

He explained that from the local products, there are some fruits from Bali that is sold in this shop, such as oranges, snakefruits, and grapes.

The plan is the shop also sell durian monthong that is cultivated by farmers in Buleleng regency.

“It is related to the discontinuance of importing durian monthong to Indonesia, besides the fruit quality is very good. Hopefully soon the plan will run,” he said.

Beside fruits, the Foodmart also sells local vegetables with composition of 70 percent.

Meanwhile, the Head of Regional Representative (DPD) of Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) Bali, Komang Adi Arsana, said that the chefs who like food ornament arts are flexible in using fruits prepared by the hotel.

“Now in Bali about 90 percent need the food ornament to increase the cuisine value that is served. Mostly use local food ingredients,” he said.

He took example of one of fruits that is often used by the chefs to be decorated is pumpkin and watermelon. The fruit used is from farmers in Bali.

He said that the more we use local products certainly it will help and increase the income of farmers in this region.

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