Foreign Photographers Work in Bali Using Holiday Visa


The General Chief of Indonesian Photography Producer Association (HPPI) Central Directorate Erry Wibowo said that many foreign professional photographers work illegally in Bali.

“I observe that many foreign photographers, whose payment might be thousands US dollar per project, take pictures, work by using holiday or tourist visa,” Erry Wibowo said.

He said that the foreign photographers came to Bali with holiday visa but in fact they are working, working on photo projects, for example taking picture of hotels with international networking in Bali.

He thought that, the foreign photographers work illegally in Bali, since the income from the photo project is quite high. For one project, they will be paid to thousands US dollar.

“Some of the foreign photographers are paid twenty thousand US dollar or two hundreds millions rupiah for one photo project on international hotels’ profile in Bali. The number is far above the Indonesian photographer payment. And they work without any law protection,” Erry said.

Erry hoped that the government will be more tight in monitoring the working license of the foreign professional photographers in Indonesia.

He also asked that the Indonesian photographers should get more opportunity to take photograph of international company’s profile, such as international networked hotels in Bali.

“The international networked hotels often use the foreign photographers since there is impression that their hotels can’t be touched by get local photographers.” he said.

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One Response to “Foreign Photographers Work in Bali Using Holiday Visa”

  1. Susan Gold Says:

    Well there are very few good Indonesian photographers. That is why Bali needs to import professional photographers from outside.
    It is the same with many other trades Balinese just do not have the skills to do the job correctly.
    Balinese are good at making handicrafts and babies and that is all. Balinese should be grateful and respectful of talented foreigners who without their skills this island would be nothing.

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