Rp 5,05 Trilion Tax Revenue in 2012


Bali Province Regional Office of Taxes Directorate General surpassed the target of tax revenue in 2012, with the achievements of up to 103 percent or more than Rp 5,05 trillion.

“This shows an increase in public awareness in meeting tax obligations, in addition to the efforts we’ve made,” said Acting official of Kakanwil DJP Pontas Pane in Denpasar.

He delivered performance of tax revenue in 2012 amounted to Rp 5, 054 trillion, up 21,27 percent from the previous year which amounted to Rp 4, 168 trillion.

“By achieving the tax targetof DGT Bali Regional Office, the tax revenue sharing funds received through the Bali Provincial budget will be higher,” said the man whois also Kakanwil DGT Nusa Tenggara.

Although the realization of tax revenue on the island has exceeded the target, it will continue to reform the tax collection system in accordance with the dynamics of the economy and business world.

Pontas mentioned that in Bali there are approximately more than2.96 million people who are working, but those listed on the tax administration are around 365 thousands people.

Of that amount, those who had delivered an annual income tax notice (SPT) only around 229 thousands people. On the other hand, the number of tax employees in Bali is only 700 people.

“Therefore, we need to work together with local governments, scholars, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders so that compliance to pay tax could increase. Especially when it is compared, between the number of working people and those paying taxes are so much different,” he said.

He explained that the tax reporting method, would always be updated, such as by usingthe “jemput bola” (pick up the ball) system through the placement of drop box that will be deployed in crowded places and governmental institution.

“Even for taxpayers reporting annual tax form 1770’s and 1770 SS, now can be online,” he said.

“We hope the public can submit the annual tax notice earlier than the specified time limit in order to receive services quicker and avoid the long queue that often occurs when approaching the deadline for submission of the annual income tax form,” Pontassaid.

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