Spiritual Attraction Predicted to Invite Nine Millions Tourists

Ministry of Culture and Tourism develops the concept of spiritual attraction predicted to capture nine millions foreign tourists this year.

“The target number of foreign tourists was actually very small. We can exceed that number, if you work on a spiritual tour to the maximum,” Head of Information of Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry (Kemenparekraf) Berman Lubis said at the “International Spiritual Tourism for Peace and Welfare for All” seminar in Kuta.

According to him, the potential for spiritual attraction is very much available in the country and it has good quality.

“Tourists who choose to visit places that exudes spirituality, culture, peace of mind, and the soul is quite a lot,” he said.

He considered Bali has enough spiritual attraction that can attract tourists. Even since 2009, the spiritual attraction has been known by the number of tourist arrivals reached 6.9 millions and in 2010 is seven millions foreign tourists.

From the calculation of foreign tourists visit it about 10 to 15 percent include in MICE category, in which there is spiritual tourism.

This type of attraction are usually done among educated or middle class who seek tranquility or a different atmosphere with the conventional ones.

The same thing was conveyed by Laksmana Madya Gatot Suwardi, a Balinese history practitioner who became one of the speakers said that Bali is known as a MICE tourist destination.

“Tourists are coming to get personal needs, such as peace of life and inner experience,” he said.

Meanwhile, other speakers, the Chairman of the Yayasan Dharma Sthapanam, Prabu Darmayasa, added that the island has a spiritual power that cannot be explained.

“I think Thailand cannot do such things as in Bali, perhaps India could,” he said.

For that reason, he called for spiritual attraction products can be managed and packaged properly so that it can ensure the sustainability of tourism in Bali.

“For Hindus, spiritual attractions is not something new, which is known as Tirta Yatra or pilgrimage to the holy places,” he said.

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