52 Prospective TKI Deceived by Two Company


A total of 52 applicants of Indonesian overseas workers (TKI) from Bali deceived Rp 1,25 billion by the two recruitment firms to abroad.

“They complain to us because they felt that they had been the victim of fraud committed by PT Reka Wahana Mulia and PT Fortuna Bali Cemerlang,” said I Made Sugianta  from the Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Bali in Denpasar on Thursday.

The workers applicants are already waiting for two years to be departed to other countries paying Rp25 millions to Rp65 millions. Funds deposited bythe prospective TKI had reached Rp1, 25 billion and up to now there is no clarity.

Wayan Gede Suardipa, a prospective TKI, was frustrated that after two years of waiting and working through approaching the company had been always failed.

“The company promise to return the money, but in fact until now it has not been done,” said the prospective TKI who enrolled in PT Reka Wahana Mulia in February 2011.

He admitted thathe was interested in the job advertisements to overseas at one of the local media in Bali. He was later enrolled by paying an advance of departure and a visa fee for Rp25 million.

After waiting for two years, it turned out that the money was not returned and he had not flown to Canada to be unskilled labor in that country.

Similar problem experienced by M Taufik Yulianto, prospective TKI who applied through PT Fortuna Bali Cemerlang. He repeatedly asked for a refund from the company.

“But we actually like being tricked by those companies as they just give lip service without any realization so wereported them to LBH Bali to be followed up,” he said.

The plan is that the prospective TKI will be departed to Canada, Poland, England and Qatar. However, up to two years, they have not work on those countries.

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