Feyloon Offers Hong Kong and Bali Cuisines

Feyloon Restaurant offers seafood cuisines with Hong Kong-Bali mixed flavor to foreign tourists who spend their holiday in Bali.

“We offer a variety of Hong Kong seafood mix with Balinese seasoning that provides a strong taste,” said Joe Wong, the owner of Feyloon Seafood Restaurant.

From approximately 25 seafood menu in the restaurant, one of the foods that is mostly preferred is the fried king prawn.

The menu of lobster with minimum weight of two-ounce each isRp55.000, which has a piquanttaste.

The food made by main ingredient known as ‘udangmentis’ has a dominant taste of salt and pepper that makes it is delicious.

Moreover, the lobster is so tender that arouse your appetite. The lobster provided in the restaurant isboth black and white.

“In one day lobstersserved can reach 50 kilograms while in a month is as much as two tons. All lobstersare from this region,”he said.

In addition to the lobsterwhose size can be up to six ounces, there is also a dish that is equally tempting, which is the fried ocean GaroupawithBalinese sauce so it is spicy and sour.

That dish is a part of Hong Kong-Balinese mixed menu thathas been accepted by the foreign tourists who are mainly come from China.

“They love the mixed menu because it gives them different sensation than in their native country. Our dish have a stronger flavor,”he said.

The Balinese sauce is used almost on all seafood menu served in the restaurant that is located in Kuta.

“All the raw materials come from the island while the seasoning is specifically imported from Hong Kong,” he said.

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