NB Foundation: No More Turtles Butchering in Bali


Nitiyari Berkaya Foundation or NB Foundation, one of the observers agency of the wildlife in Bali, thought that there is no more sea turtles butchering in Bali for commercial purposes.

“It because the use of turtle meat for the ritual has been reduced because it can be replaced with other animals,” said Anak Agung Ngurah Agung, as Chairman of the Nitiyari Berkarya Foundation, on the opening of an painting exhibition about saving turtles in Gianyar.

According to him, even if there is a village needs turtle meat for the ritual they should communicate it in writing to the authorities.

The number of turtles given is also not much, only a few. In addition, not all customary villages in the island need the meat of that protected animal.

“Currently there are only two regions that are usually require turtle meat for the ritual, namely Denpasar and Badung regency,” he said.

Agung explained that the condition that occurs now in Bali is that there are many protected animal conservation, as in Serangan and Kuta Beach.

Especially for turtles breeding and hatching in Serangan, the condition is quite alarming because there is not adequate support.

“We are therefore trying to raise funds by auctioning the work of famous artists for turtle conservation,” he said.

The plan is we will release 1000 turtles in the Serangan Island. Those endangered species were imported from Sulawesi where there are still many turtles on the beaches, but tourists rarely go there.

“While in Bali a lot of travelers coming but the turtlesare rarely to be found. Therefore we will bring it from Sulawesi,” he said.

Daniel, as Sales and Marketing Manager, Bali Safari and Marine Park (BSMP), said that he would always participate in wildlife conservation through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

“We will always support, but it should be discussed more in detail,” he said.

Previously, the wildlife ProFauna Indonesia observeragency assessed that thetrade of turtle meat in Bali have declined by 80 percent.

“The decline of turtle trade in Bali occurred after Parisadha Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) issued a fatwa or bhisama to replace turtle meat with other meats in the ceremony,” said the Chairman of ProFauna Indonesia Bali JatmikoWiwoho.

In 1999, the trade of turtle meat on the island is very widespread, reaching 30 thousand turtles. Despite the current decline, Jatmiko suspected that thesales of turtle meat remains happening as handicrafts made of sea turtles are still sold by the souvenir vendors.

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