Tourists Use Their Spare Time on Nyepi to Make Canang


A number of domestic and foreign tourists to Bali spenttheir time onNyepi Day, on Tuesday, by making sets of canangthatis usually used as a means of Hindus offering.

Likely, it was done by the tourists who stay at the Hotel Grand Istana Rama, Kuta, Badung regency. “In addition to making canang, we also invite them to spend time with a variety of activities,” said General Manager of Grand Istana Rama Hotel, Andi Ananto.

Besidecanang, the tourists could take picture with the snake, to make photo wearing traditional Balinese dress, learn to cook, and serve it to the guests. According to him, the number of guests who attend this annual event at the moment is more than the last year.

“In addition to these activities, we also prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. For lunch we charge Rp 25.000 to 100.000 in the area of food bazaar,” he said.

Andi said that the kind of dish provided are variety of Indonesian and westernfoods so the guests could pick and eat as much as they want to.

He added that any groceries for Nyepi had been prepared from a week earlier with a quantity of more than normal days.

“Meanwhile,to serve the guestswe have employees who have been prepared since Monday (11/3). Employees on duty at this time are given the room because they had to stay two nights in a row,” he said.

He said that the hotel employees who work at that time are serving as usual to all the needs of guests.

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