Two Australian Tourists Arrested on Nyepi


Two tourists from Australia were arrested for being out on Nyepi Day in Kuta. Both was secured in the office of the cuatomary village.

“By chance we patrolled and found the two tourists,” said MangkuUrip, pecalang Desa Adat Kuta who participated in arresting the two tourists whose name is still unknown.

The Pecalang caught two tourists from the Kangaroos country while wandering in the Popies street.

From the results of the investigation, the two foreigners admitted that they stay at Suka Beach Inn Hotel. “They said they did not know that it is banned to go out of the hotel onNyepi,” Urip said.

When implementation of Nyepi Day, all residents and tourists are forbidden to leave both home and the hotel. The ban is valid for 24 hours.

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