Feel the Freshness of the Body with “Bali Coffee Bliss”

There are so many forms of body treatment offered in Bali, but perhaps for a spa treatment Aston Bali is worth a try.

Therapies offered at the hotel located at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, is so diverse, one of them is “Bali Coffee Bliss”.

With the spa therapy our body is indulged by soft massage from experienced therapists using chocolate-based oil.

The soft massage makes the body becomes very calm especially in the traditional Balinese-style room we can hear chant songs that make the body more relaxed and refreshed.

That is just the initial stage of the treatment, which happen for approximately one hour 45 minutes. After a full body massages and the body is covered by a body scrub made from Bali coffee.

Once it is cleaned, coffee mask is put on the body. When everything has been covered by the therapy ingredient, it is continued by covering it with yogurt mask.

Before the body covered with coffee and yogurt mask, firstly it is covered with banana leaves. Then, the body is covered with leaves completely so that the body feels like it’s being steamed.

It took about 10-15 minutes at this stage, after that it is followed with bath using flowery water in the exotic pond.

While soaking the body in the water, we can enjoy a traditional nutritious herbal drink that could decrease our weight.

“In Bali Coffee Bliss Therapy there are seven stages using natural ingredients from fruits, especially coffee,” said the spa manager of Aston Bali, Ketut Udhi.

The facilities put in the treatment space are seven rooms with Balinese traditional style interior and one of them for VIP guest.

“Every room here has different name with its own meaning,” he said.

More info visit www.astonbali.com.

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