Bali Governor Suggested to Import Garlics


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika suggested the central government to import garlics as a temporary action to overcome the availability problem on one of the ingredients.

“For the long-term policy, of course garlic and onion should be planted more,” he said.

According to him, farmers should be able to produce the type of onions needed with better quality than the imported onions.

“If the product is good, of course the income gained by farmers is also good,” he said while admitted that in Bali farmers don’t able yet to fulfill the people demand on onions.

He added that its distribution line should be arranged in such a way so there is no one speculates to get individual benefit. “Till when we will depend on importing?” he asked.

Meanwhile, the Head of Agriculture Department Bali Province Ida Bagus Wisnuardhana stated that the harvest peak of onions usually happen on May with amount of production reaching 1.400 tons produced by farmers at Songan village, Bangli.

“For garlics are usually harvested on September with total production of 80 tons produced by farmers at Selat village, Sidemen district,” Wisnuardana said.

On the other hand, the Head of Industry and Trading Department Bali Province Ni Wayan Kusumawathi will supply onions and garlics from the production points in other provinces as an effort to solve the high price of those two ingredients.

Beside getting supply from other provinces, she also hoped that the onions supply from local farmers could be increased. Horticultural trading actually is more directed to give opportunity for local farmers.

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