Govt Ready to Issue Regulation of Hotel Rate Standard


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika stated that he is ready to issue regulation related to hotel rate standard as a way to control the rapid growth of tourist accommodation in Bali.

“If they want to sell room with more expensive or cheaper price, they can, but they have to pay 10 percent from the standard rate,” he said.

He explained that this policy will be made as an assertive action responding to phenomenon of hotel construction in Bali and competition of rate that slowly could make its tourism image become a sort of cheap one.

“We will compile the governor regulation after getting recommendation from Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Assosiaction (PHRI) Bali, so that the regional government just need to collect the 10 percent tax. The only problem is whether PHRI is brave enough, but I am,” he said.

According to him, the policy of standard hotel rate enactment is common in other country, such as in Hawai. However, this regulation must be supported with online tax collection system.

“The businessmen can’t bargain with online system,” he said.

The ex-Kapolda Bali admitted that he is surprised with the phenomenon of hotel growth in Bali, in fact they already knew that they would suffer financial loss if sell a room with cheaper price.

“What happen actually? Can we prove the claim that there is money laundering? As they could be rich men who only want to search for prestige for their relation,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Regional Representative (DPD) Chief of PHRI Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati stated that he will support the Governor policy to set the standard hotel room rate.

“We actually don’t wish of more hotel established in Bali since investment increase has caused paradox to the hotel owner,” the former Gianyar Regent said.

He explained that PHRI is often given stigma as culture and agriculture predator in Bali, in fact he disagree to more hotel establishment especially on the southern part of the island.

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  1. alby Says:

    This is ok if you want to take more money from tourist… But as a tourist, I take my money to another country instead of Bali. Bali will be big loser as they will get less tourist if tourist have to pay more taxes. Tourists go to Bali to enjoy holiday and escape the high cost of taxes in own country. If tax come into Bali, I will take my holidays in Fiji instead. Bali people and business will be big loser when less tourist come to Bali. Don’t make same mistake with taxes, like Australia.

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