MUDP Hoped Joger Conflict to be Solved Soon


The Head of Grand Council of Customary Villages (MUDP) Bali Province Jero Mangku Gede Suwena Putus Upadesa hoped that the conflict between the management of “Joger” Balinese souvenir outlet and the officials of Luwus customary village, tabanan regency, is immediately solved.

“MUDP of Baturiti district and Tabanan Regency should mediated both sides through discussion so that the souvenir outlet could be opened again,” he said.

He said that it would be impossible to get his team to solve the problem since there was no claim from both sides that have problem.

For that reason, he asked the MUDP of Baturiti District and Tabanan regency could meet with those two parties who have conflict, as well as solving the conflict completely.

He thought that the conflict faced until the outlet was closed is only caused by different point of view in solving a problem.

“Both of them are facilitated by the district and/ or regional MUDP to solve the problem completely so that it is not prolonged,” Jero Mangku Gede Suwena said.

The chief of Baturiti district, Putu Adi Supraja in a different occasion emphasized that to make strategic action immediately to solve the conflict between the customary village official and Joger management.

The conflict between the outlet managers with Baturiti customary village officials happened because there was a misconception. According to him, from 32 souvenirs outlets in Luwus customary village, only Joger who have not agreed yet to the contribution increase.

“Therefore, we will mediate them. What the problem is and the best solution will be found so no one will be harmed,” Suprajasaid.

The outlet located on Luwus Road named “Teman Joger” on the side of the main road connecting Denpasar, Bedugul and Singaraja was closed since Monday (11/3).

The entrance to the large parking area was also locked by using a chain and padlock. The outlet signboard was also covered with a white cloth.

Some tourists had been deceived when they want to shop souvenir that has been known for its sets of unique and interesting words outlined on the T-shirts, bags, underwear, mugs, and other accessories.

“We see that the Governor is not serious and doen’t have good intention in that public case,” Suardana said.

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