Walhi Felt They have been Hocussed by Bali Governor


Indonesia Forum of Environments (Walhi) felt that they have been hocussed by Bali Governor Bali Made Mangku Pastika related to their information on Ngurah Rai Public Forest Park management, which is in the process of mediation in the Public Information Commission.

“We see that the Governor has denied his promise and hocus us because we disagree on points od mediation,” said the Head of Walhi Bali Wayan Suardana.

The denial was shown by not giving the letter of recommendation from Dirjen PHKA about legalization of the plan of nature tourism development.

In fact, in the third appendix of the recommendation, it is stated that the plan of Tahura Ngurah Rai management must be known by public.

The appealer has excuse for not giving the appendix as it is a company secret.

“Beside points of mediation, there are three information requests that are refused out of eleven requests proposed because it could distract business competition,” he said.

The information refused is about the letter of Tahura Ngurah Rai management plan starting from the company has not been a CV until now named PT Tirta Rahmat Bahari.

Because of the refusal, Walhi finally bring the information lawsuit to the Public Information Commission Bali.

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