Crocodile in Boracay to Vie for Guinness Record


A saltwater crocodile in this resort island will vie for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records hoping to reclaim the title lost with the death of “Lolong.”

Leenard Tirol, owner of the Boracay Wildlife Expo said in an interview, that he learned of the said crocodile from a staff associated with the Paramount Picture, a Hollywood movie productions, and who encouraged him to have a crocodile as a pet.

Currently, there is no official size of the said saltwater crocodile but sources said it may reach 18 feet in length. The said male saltwater crocodile is also estimated to be 15 months old.

Tirol said that he bought the said crocodile from a crocodile farm in Bago City, Negros Occidental.

But while it is vying for a world record, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said that it plans to seize the said crocodile from owner.

“I am willing to turn over the crocodile if it (DENR) could ensure its safety and be able to properly takes care for its survival,” said Tirol, owner of the Boracay Wildlife Expo.The said crocodile is currently luring both foreign and local tourists in this resort island.

“Lolong” used to be the record holder for the title of biggest crocodile in the world as it measured 6.12 meters or 20 feet 4 inches.

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3 Responses to “Crocodile in Boracay to Vie for Guinness Record”

  1. steven dornin Says:

    Im the former partner who was acting director and the ‘animal expert’ that’s required by DENR for them to keep ‘wally’who does need to be removed from his present situation,,,for one thing I worked for MGM…not paramount for another…he is nowhere near ‘record size,,being only 14ft and 3 inches!!!! and hes 14 yrs old!!!

  2. Valery Says:

    OMG, Is that really Mr. Dornin commenting. At the time he took that Crocodile in Bacolod ILLEGALLY I heard he borrowed some guys back in Bacolod a HUGE amount of money for which he issued a post-dated check as guarantee…Unfortunately, the check bounced because of NSF. I can get a copy of that check that shows his signature…I cant believe someone who used to work for MGM would do such a thing…looks like some kind of fraud.

  3. Valery Says:

    This is just a warning to all those who want to set up some kind of zoo with this guy…please make a thorough background check.

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