Fengshui and Golden Ratio

By S.BS. Surendran

Fengshui or Vaastu  essentially deals with two important energy sources, the solar energy flux and the geomagnetic energy flux. The aim is in  controlling the flow of these energies in a building by selecting proper directions and alignments. Starting with Location of doors, windows, color scheme, flooring patterns, planting of trees and interior décor need to be looked into. All these essential parameters play an important role in enhancing the energy field for human beings to live in harmony with nature and in turn achieve a balance.

To achieve a right balance of these natures’ forces, cosmic and thermal imbalances,the ideal remedy would be to follow  the helix concept also known as the ‘Golden ratio Helix”. It finds reference in all the ancient scriptures as the centre of energy balance and is located at the origin of a logarithmic helix fitted in a rectangle with sides having proportionate golden ratio of 1:1.618. The ill effects of defects diminish automatically if this helix centre lies inside the building. This center is known as the Taichi in Fengshui or “nabhi” in Vaastu  is  the focal point of the plot and is the source of all cosmic energies and bio energetic fields. Hence balancing the building within a given plot and tapping into the focal point is the key to achieving a good structure which enhances the flow of energy and good Fengshui. However this may not be feasible at all times as limitations in terms of plot size, shape, apartment dwellings  etc exists but one could adapt certain basic guidelines by paying attention to important sectors and compass directions in a plot or building.

A structure contributes towards the prosperity of its occupants and most importantly, everything that happens in nature has a direct effect on the life of human. The cosmic rays from the sun, moon and other planets also have an effect on human body and research has shown that we respond and react accordingly. It was also found by the ancients that time period changes through the day had an affect on the human mind and body which in turn stimulated a corresponding activity. It was observed that Houses that were not properly aligned or had no sense of orientation, gave rise to restlessness, misfortune, and sickness.

Certain basic guidelines to protect the Northeast sector while designing a building are:
• Take care to design the house such that it allows ample sunlight and cross ventilation in the Northeast sectors to enhance the bio cosmic fields.
• Tall trees or plants should not exist in the North or Northeast sectors although small plants are acceptable. Ensure that the plants do not block the sunlight or cast shadow at the Northeast corners of the property and the building and most importantly ensure that the trees or plants do not cast their shadow on the house in these sectors.
• Avoid keeping a mop, broomstick or trash can in this sector as this would pollute the positive energy flowing through this sector.
• Understanding the cause and effect of the environment, compass direction and benefits of each of the sectors in a property ensures that the house and its occupants are healthy, happy and prosperous and in harmony with the nature’s forces.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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