New Baby of Sumatran Elephant at Famous Park


The Elephant Safari Park & Lodge, Taro, Bali, welcomed a new baby elephant to its herd of 27 rescued elephants and 3 other babies born at the park in 2009.

This now brings the total number of Sumatran elephants at the world famous park to 31 pachyderms.

28 year old Yanti had an easy and trouble free birth with no help needed from the staff and vet on standby.

Born as dawn was breaking, an excited and enthusiastic number of guests staying at the Elephant Safari Park Lodge were lucky enough to witness this spectacular birth close up.

The baby girl was named Fajar, which is the Indonesian translation of Dawn.

The quick birth was an easy and simple affair for the 1st time mother, who greeted the baby with a loud cry. Within one hour the baby was on its’ feet after a 22½ month gestation period.

Managing Director Nigel Mason said that it proved once again that the fuss that we see exhibited by Western Zoos is not necessary and that elephants giving birth should be left to take care of things without a cast of thousands fussing around them and getting in the way of what comes naturally in nature.

“We are here to watch and enjoy natures work and should only be on standby in case a problem occurs.

Here at the Elephant Safari Park we let nature take it’s course with no artificial insemination and no bureaucratic circus involved.

The baby and mother can be viewed from today at the Elephant Safari Park & Lodge at its’ open enclosure, where guests can either sit and watch or see the baby as they pass by on their elephant rides.

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