Traveling Aussies Demand Too Much From Foreign Ministry


Australian travelers have become so demanding of their foreign ministry when they encounter trouble overseas, officials are struggling to deal with their requests, a new report has found.

Research by the Sydney-based Lowy Institute has found that the expectations of what Australian diplomats can and should do for distressed travelers are not only climbing, but becoming “more unrealistic.”

“The growing incidence of Australians overseas demanding that government intervene in their cases no matter how trivial, foolhardy or avoidable their predicament, would seem at odds with a national culture that prides itself on resilience and resourcefulness,” it said as qoute from AFP.

Requests received at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade include ‘Could DFAT feed my dogs while I’m away?’ and ‘Will the sand in Egypt upset my asthma?’

The report by the independent think tank said with more Australians traveling than ever before, foreign ministry officials were increasingly stretched.

“Public expectations of the assistance government can provide when travelers encounter trouble are rapidly rising, fueled by intense media and political attention given to high-profile cases,” it said. “These rising demands on Australia’s consular service are becoming increasingly difficult to meet.”

The report said changing traveler demographics – including more older holidaymakers – along with cheaper airfares and the high Australian dollar had added to the workload of officials bailing out citizens in distress.

The report called for the government to provide more funding for such services, in particular through a “consular levy” either on the cost of a passport or on an airline ticket.

It said after the efforts of officials to help bring home Australians affected by disasters such as the 2002 Bali bombings and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, travelers had come to expect help.

“Anecdotal evidence also points to a growing sense of entitlement among some travelers,” it said. “One couple, for example, about to board a government-chartered evacuation flight from Cairo in 2011, asked consular officials if they would receive frequent flyer points for their free flight.”

The report urged the government to do its bit to encourage travelers to assume personal responsibility, saying the type of high-level intervention which has gone on in the past is “clearly unsustainable.”

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  1. alby Says:

    Just another example of ignorant Australian’s who have no respect for the country they visit. Genuine Australian’s would never act un-Australian if they were genuine, but all these new so called Australian’s who come from all over the world unfortunately do not share the same pride true Australian’s used to share. Often we hear of an Australian in trouble to watch the news and see they are a foreigner with Asutralian citezenship who has no intests in upholding the Australian culture, as they bring and travel with their old country values, and no respect that they are representing Australia when they travel. This is now reflected into our younger Australian generation who have no moral values.

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