Governor Refuse to Give the Tahura Development Plans


The Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika still refused to give information on the management of Ngura hRai Public Forest Park as requested by Indonesia Forum of Environments (Walhi).

It was stated by the Chief of Walhi Bali Wayan suardana after the advance adjudication trial in the Information Commission Office with the agenda of witness examination.

“The trial also clearly uncover the strong reason of why those three information are excluded although there is agreement after mediation done a while ago,” he said.

He explained that the information isn’t given due to bank reference and budget plan.

According to Suardana, it’s a classic reason and seemed to be made up, because if the information submitted it won’t distract any business competition.

“On the next trial we will examine the reasons provided by the accused,” he said.

One thing that should be remembered is the community has the right to get information about the budget plan and bank reference because the area that will be developed is not a personal property but it’s public area.

The accused also refused to give information on the layout plan of Ngurah Rai Tahura, and it’s very weird as people have the right to know it.

“Besides, the document has been legalized by the Director General of Forest and Nature Conservation, Ministry of Forestry. Balinese people should get the information so they could participate,” he said.

The Head of judge panel I Gde Santanu said that the next adjudication trial will be held on Wednesday (10/4) at the same place.

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