Kuningan Day People Get Abundant Blessings

Kuningan is celerated every 210 days or six months of Balinese calendar, which is on “Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Kuningan”.

On Kuningan Day, Ida Sang HyangWidhi comes to the world to give blessing of prosperity for all mankind.

Balinese Hindus believe that ceremony on Kuningan should be done before noon, before the Gods, bhatara and Pitara return to heaven.

Kuningan is the sequence of Galungan celebration, ten days before Kuningan. There are some specific ornaments on Kuningan, which is called “endongan” as a symbol of offering to HyangWidhi.

“Tamyang” as a symbol of danger deterrence. “Kolem” is a symbol of resting place for Ida Sang HyangWidhi, the Gods and Ancestors.

On that day people make yellow rice, a symbol of prosperity and offerings are given as a symbol of grateful for all blessings from God.

The offerings are in the form of clothes and foods, which all are given by Ida Sang HyangWidhi to all of His people.

“Tamyang” reminds human to the nature law, if they maintain and care it, it will bring blessing and prosperity, but on the contrary if they destroy it, it will bring disaster for humankind.

Meanwhile “endongan” means supplies. The most prominent supply in going through life is knowledge and bhakti.

For that reason, through the celebration of Kuningan Hindus could rearrange harmonious life (hita) based on their life destiny.

All Hindus in Bali have ceremony and don’t have to do it in the temple, in case the temple is too far away from their home.

The ceremony could be done at home since the time is very short, this habit is one of the customs preserved until now.

On Wednesday of Pahang is called Pegat Wakan, which is the last day of Galungan-Kuningan sequence.

The offerings given on this day is sesayut Dirgayusa, panyeneng, tatebus to the Almighty God as the Creator of Universe. Afterall, the 42 days sequence of Galungan-Kuningan is finished.

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