Perth Woman Arrested in Bali


A former Perth woman has been arrested in Bali amid allegations she stole a car, TV and several other items from her former boyfriend’s villa, as qoute from The West Australian.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the Australian consulate-general in Bali was providing consular assistance to a 51-year-old Australian woman in relation to a dispute over jointly-owned property.

Indonesian news websites last night reported that Sandra Cindy Sheed was being held in Denpasar after allegedly raiding the villa with a “gang” of five men, who were still on the run.

Her former boyfriend, Stephen Blackwell, 46, was reportedly alerted to the theft by his maid and filed a complaint with police on his return to Bali from a trip to Australia.

Some websites said Ms Sheed could face up to nine years jail if convicted. Denpasar Police Commis-sioner Ambariyadi Wijaya was quoted as saying Mr Blackwell and Ms Sheed used to live together but had separated.

Ms Sheed’s sister, who did not want to be named, said the thought of her sister committing a home invasion was absurd – particularly in her own home.

She said Mr Blackwell worked four weeks on, one week off on a Queensland mine and had invited Ms Sheed to make herself at home in the villa.

“Sandra said, ‘Well, I’d like to really set myself up a salon or something like that’, and he said, ‘No, no, no, I’ll look after you, I’ll give you some money to look after yourself and you can just stay in my villa and look after my car’,” she said.

She said Ms Sheed, who was living with Mr Blackwell after meeting him in Bali on New Year’s Eve, had grown increasingly worried about his behaviour in recent weeks.

“Sandra would not be the type of person to actually do that, an intentional break-in, not at all. I think she’d be just so shocked to think that this is being regarded as a crime, when this is a relationship where something’s gone wrong,” she said.

Ms Sheed’s former brother-in-law, Geoff Sheed, said she had been married to his brother John but divorced about 10 months before he died after an illness in 2010.

He said the pair had lived together in Bali for about six years before separating.

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