Ritual at Sakenan Temple for Four Days

The large-scale ritual at Sakenan Temple, one of the Sad Kahyangan Temples, at Serangan district, Denpasar, on Kuningan, happening for four days from April 6-9, 2013.

“Balinese Hindus are expected to manage themselves to pray, so that they are not all crowded on the peak of ‘piodalan’ ritual, which is on Kuningan, on Saturday (6/4),” said the Serangan customary village chief, I Wayan Astawa as the one who are responsible for the ritual.

He said that the ritual sequence happening for four days to give opportunity for people who come from eight regencies and one city in Bali to pray at Sakenan Temple.

He explained that the arrangement of the four-days ceremony is with hope that people will not be too crowded on the main ceremony, which is at the same time as Kuningan.

On previous years, most Hindus people came on the main ceremony so that the queue was very long.

He hoped that people praying at Sakenan Temple could manage themselves on those four days, starting from morning until night.

“Thus, there are no more long queue and traffic toward the temple is smooth,” said Wayan Astawa.

He explained that the committee and Serangan customary village administrators, in anticipating the crowd at Sakenan temple apply queue to enter the temple “mandala utama” (the main area) so that they could join the prayer solemnly.

Besides, the committee provides a wide parking area for motorcycles and other vehicles, and coordination with pecalang or traditional security in that village.

Sakenan Temple is one of Sad Kahyangan Temples or big temple that has its own uniqueness and specific features, which is “Persada” in the form of storied building like a pyramid.

According to history, Sakenan Temple was built by Asthapaka, a Buddist monk. He built it, as he was astonished with the beauty of sea combined in such a way to the land.

The monk felt that in that place there is a holy power, which is really good for adoring The Almighty God.

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