Fitness Ingredients of Bali Demanded Overseas


The Head of Service, Placement and Protection Agency for Indonesian Overseas Workers (BP3TKI) Denpasar, Wayan Pageh said that the existence of ingredients for “solus per aqua” or Balinese body fitness is highly demanded overseas.

Wayan Pageh has asked that the governemet of Bali not close its eyes to the Balinese fitness ingredients.

He said that the Spa Bali is a heritage and now other countries are gaining interest.

Pageh is worried if the regional government ignore the registration of the copyright, it could mean an end.

The Balinese community have to be ready to lose Spa Bali if it is taken by another country.

“Do not let others have the copyright of our own Balinese spa,” he said.

Previously, the National Agency for Placement and Protection on Indonesian Overseas Workers urged the government of  the Bali Province to create a copyright for “solus per aqua / spa” or Balinese body fitness.

“We urge the government of Bali province to propose the copyright for Bali spa.” said the Director of Mapping and Harmonization of Quality of TKLN II, the National Agency of Placement and Protection on Indonesian Overseas Workers, Drg Elijah Rosalina.

She said that the request of Indonesian overseas workers working as Balinese spa therapists is increasing. Even now there are 4050 requests and Bali can not meet these yet.

It is because each five star hotel across Europe must have their own spa therapists and most hotels look for and employ spa therapists from Bali.

“Based on my observation and experience visiting some countries, Bali spa is highly demanded by tourists,” she said.

Moreover, Elia said that there is indication Spa Bali is carried out by non- Balinese as well as not using the original Balinese ingredients.

“I’ve found in the hotels in some countries, that ‘Bali spa cream’ is not Balinese. We do not know if they are competent or not and whether the ingredients used is from Bali or not,” she said.

She is hoping the government of Bali will be responsive in proposing to the central government to get the copyright of spa Bali. Thus, there should be coordination among sectors and involve the spa association.

Elijah said that the regional government must immediately send a letter to the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, to ensure the registration of copyright so that the Bali spa will not be claimed by another country.

“The product and service of Bali spa must be standardized and thenmake the copyright.  Bali spa will be attractive and we could protect it if there is any claim from another country,” she said.

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  1. Wayan Says:

    It is “SALUS PER AQUAM” not “solus per aqua”.

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