Nongan Village Issue the Customary “Awig-awig”

Nongan customary village, Karangasem regency, Bali will conduct “pasupati” or issuing awig-awig (regulation) in local customary village on Monday, April 15 2013. The chief of Nongan customary village Ida Made Dwipayana in Nongan, Karangasem Regency, said that the “awig-awig” is issued after it is revised.

“The awig-awig is issued as an evident and becomes the guideline for local people in conducting any activities and rules related to local customs,” he said.

He said that the awig-awig is issued after it is examined and discussed by the team of Karangasem Regency government.

“The inspection from regional team is to ensure the ‘awig-awig’ in line with the national regulation and law,” he said.

Ida Made Dwipayana further said that the “awig-awig” is issued at the same time as “Ngusaba Dalem” ritual, which is an annual tradition, this year is held for three days from 12-16 *pril 2013.

The secretary (Penyarikan)of Kertha Nongan Village, I Gusti Ngurah Indra Kecapa added that there is “awig-awig” issued by the administrator officially and then it gets ceremony on “niskala” so there will be clarity on guideline for all components of Nongan Customary Village to make the sustainable development come true.

“With the regulation all activities done is based on the ‘awig-awig’,” said Indra Kecapa.

He said that the village administrators (kertha desa) to appreciate the attempt and steps that have been done by the awig-awig revision committee to work hard for making the customary regulation come true.

The figure of Nongan Customary Village, Pande Made Sudastra added that the reason of the regulation revision as Nongan Village in 1983 had done basic change, which is to separate Segah village from Nongan, the development and determination of temple located at the village market became Pesamuan Agung Temple of Nongan Village.

The committee of Ngusaba and Pasupati Awig-Awig, I Gusti Ngurah Wiryanatha explained that the sequence of event will be started on Saturday (13/4) by Ngusaba Dalem at Dalem Kupa Temple led by Ida Pedanda Gde Jelantik and in the Dalem Nongan Temple led by Ida Pedanda Istri Kanya from Geria Alangkajeng Nongan.

On Sunday (14/4) Ida Betara Dalem ‘memasar’ will be held at Nongan Temple (Pura Pesamuan Agung), and on Monday (15/4) held ‘piodalan’ ceremony at Pesamuan Agung Temple set with “Pasupati Awig-Awig” and official opening of Pura Pesamuan Agung Desa Pakraman Nongan, and on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Ida Batara Katuran Bhakti Pengebek held while conducting Bakti Penyineb, then Ida Batara Dalem Kupa and Ida Batara Dalem Nongan return to each Dalem Temple.

“We now are happy as Nongan Customary Village already has their ‘awig-awig’, although the revision process is quite long because there is obligation to adopt the value of religion, drest , tatwa and synergize various needs of people, including aspiration from Chinese people who have lived in Bali for a long time,” he said.

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