Tanjung Benoa Beach is Advertised for Road


The Regional Planning and Development Bureau (Bappeda) Badung Regency is analysing the possibility of advertising Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, to build a ring road as an effort to reduce traffic jam.

“This is just our suggestion in Bappeda regarding the small road, which is getting smaller and crowded, moreover there is the water sport so we think round road should be built,” said the Head of Bappeda Badung I Wayan Suambara.

He explained that for now the fee estimation needed for advertising the beach is still counted by Bina Marga. He also can’t ensure the length of the ring road as we still identify the cutting points.

He said that the idea also came from the road construction as a result of advertisement that had been done in Pekalongan. “So, the advertisement is only for road,” he said.

He predicted that there will be obstacle in land acquisition around the beach because the price of land around the area is very high. As we know, it is the area of star hotels and there is facility of watersport.

“If the construction of ring road is happening, the possibility could be related to the project of Acceleration and Expansion Indonesia Economic Development Masterplan (MP3EI) so the budget also can be used to build the road,” he said.

Bappeda Badung stated that the idea of reclamation is a solution to overcome the crowded traffic in the tourism area by adopting technology development.

Suambara mentioned that until now there isn’t any proper study on the idea delivered.

The area of Tanjung Benoa is one of favorite tourist destination completed with parasailing, banana boat, jetski, etc.

The place is also a departure point for tourist toward Nusa Penida by using luxurious boats. The location is close to the area of BTDC Nusa Dua.

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