“Under Pass” Construction Reach 95%, Traffic Jam Still Happening


The members of parliament in Bali will do an inspection on the construction of the “under-pass” or underground road on Dewa Ruci intersection in Kuta. Some are also worried that the installation of the Balinese ornamental park will not fit into the plans.

“We will visit the location to ensure the installation of traditional Balinese ornaments and city park so that it is appropriate with the earlier plan. We get reports from the residents that it seems different from the picture on the plan,” said the Head of Commission III Council Suryanta Gusti Made Putra Bali.

He said that from the report of the project leader, the project is now at 95% complete. With that percentage, it is guaranteed that it will be finished on time.

“From the completion of the project, it is close to the plan. But they should be warned not to ignore the first plan. It should be anticipated so that it will not harm Bali,” he said.

Suryanta said that this construction must be completed before the APEC Summit that will be held in October 2013.

“In the next inspection we will see directly the result of the project. If it is not suit with the plan, such as the installation of Balinese ornaments, we will not accept it,” said the PDI-P politician who is from Tabanan.

Similarly to the park alongside the “under pass”, he said that it must be suitable to the picture

“For the installation of ornaments, Balinese road lights, all are done by the winner of the tender project,” he said.

In responding to the traffic congestion now, Suryanta said that it should be handled or reduced from before, as the project has only 5% more to go.

Meanwhile, the Commit-ment Creator Official (PPK) of Dewa Ruci “Under Pass”, Hendro Satrio explained that the projects progress report has shown a large improvement.

With the project ahead of schedule it may be possible it can be completed before October.

He said that he had tried to stop the congstion by minimizing takeover of public space in working areas on the project.

Hendro explained that they have done everything possible to not add to the congestion and have tried to reduce it by strategically placing policemen and traffic signs.

Wayan Suardana, from Kuta admitted that traffic congestion in the morning starts at 8:00 am, and in the afternoon around 12:00 pm and in the evening starts from 16:30 to 19:00 pm.

“Although the project is almost finished, congestion at working hours is still a problem.” he said.

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