A Green Safari is a Cleaner Bali


Bali Safari & Marine Park, in Gianyar, will host a special 3-day event at the park to celebrate this year’s Earth Day, April 20-22nd, 2013, as part of their annual Education, Conservation and CSR calendar of events.

‘Earth Day’ was created in the spring of 1970 in the USA as a grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment. Today, as we know, all across the world, evidence of environmental degradation is appearing everywhere, and rising concern about global warming and environmental crisis is sweeping the people of this planet.

Many people now want to support companies that have a positive influence in society and can be called ‘green’.

When everyone can work together, they can combine the importance of ‘green or eco’ solutions and truly make a difference to their immediate environment and of course the Earth’s health and wellbeing.

“This is where Bali Safari & Marine Park enters the playing field; they are one such company that aims to be environmentally sound and are always looking at ways to improve their environmental operations,” spokeman said.

They have a ‘Green team’  who are always looking at ways the park can reduce their ‘carbon footprint’; now all waste paper goes into their very successful Safari Poopaper factory, and all the dung from their 30+ elephants goes into the ‘poop’ process and comes out the other end as organic paper, and piles and piles of compost, naturally.

By hosting this event, the park aims to provide an opportunity for visitors to the park, to learn more about ways to keep the environment clean by being responsible for their waste, not only for humans but of course our precious wildlife too.

“Everyone can be green,” the Education manager, Wendy Husband said.

The Green Safari team is passionate about the environment and constantly looks at ways they can engage their park visitors and students in fun activities like making ‘poop paper’ and growing a new animal enrichment and food garden.

One of activities this year at the park, will be having local school students come to the park to be part of the new garden for the animal whilst learning all about organic gardening and can also be ‘hands on’ with the creation of a spectacular wildlife mural using multicolored plastic bottle lids and painting a 5 metre long billboard that will represent how they feel about wildlife and the environment.

All the park guests can be involved and can add a little bit of colour & style to the beautiful island of Bali through a fun and crafty activity, and don’t be surprised if some of our safari friends come along to enjoy all the fun too. The Bali Safari team are totally committed to their slogan ‘A Green Safari is a Cleaner Bali’ and believe if everyone cares for their very own environment, Bali will continue to flourish and attract visitors who are looking for that little piece of ‘green’ paradise.

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