Trans-Sarbagita Bus Route to Airport will be Launched


Government of Bali Province will soon launch the new route of Trans-Sarbagitabus headed towards the NgurahRaiairport, responding the increasing dense traffic in that lane.

“At the same time this is an effort to attract people to switch to public transport so it becomes a solution to address the crowded traffic to and from the airport,” said the Head of Transportation, Information and Communication Department (Dishubinfokom) of Bali Province Dewa Putu Punia Asa in Denpasar.

While trying out the new route of Trans-Sarbagita, Sanur-Nusa Dua via NgurahRai airport, he said that actually the preparation has been done a long time ago.

“We already have prepared its readinesssince a long time ago, however the problem now is the bus stops and the also the buses must be immediately prepared,” he said.

The plan of this public transport entering the airport, he said, is a national program, however it cannot be accomplishedyet. “For that reason, this service must be immediately running,” he said.

Regarding the availability of the bus stop and buses, he will follow up the issue immediately.

“So far, we are still waiting for the bus order from Jakarta, but to address the specific needs and urgentplan, especially in the busy hours such as in the morning and late afternoon, we plan to lend five buses from Corridor II,” said Coordinator of Trans-SarbagitaManagement Made Parsa.

He stated that it is expected that by having the new route it will be able to attract people to switch to use public transport so we could reduce the traffic jam.

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