Twin was Born, Residents are Forbidden to Held Ritual

Residents of Ketewel customary village, gianyar regency, Bali, are forbidden to held religious ritual for 42 days as a resident gave birth to twin, who are one male and one female.

“It has been arranged in ‘Pawos’ (article) 70 ‘awig-awigDesaPakraman’ (customary village regulation) of Ketewel,” said the Chief of Ketewel customary village I Wayan Loci.

He explained that if there is any resident gives birth to a male and female twin or “kembarbuncing”, in which the female baby was born first, so the residents have to held Gumi Suda ritual on the intersection after the babies are 42 days old.

After that the residents of Ketewel customary village also have to held “pemendak” ritual at KahyanganPelinggih Ida BhataraRatu Mas Murubdan Mas Maketel Temple.

“The prohibition is effective since our resident gave birth to a twin on last Tuesday (9/4) because she is regarded as ‘cuntaka’ (unclean) so can’t go to the temple,” said Wayan Loci.

After passing 42 days, the residents of Ketewel customary village are allowed to conduct religious ritual as usual. But it has to be preceded by Gumi Suda ritual.

“All cost for Gumi Suda ritual is the responsibility of pakraman (customary village). It had been happened three times in our village,” he said.

Moreover, before the residents of Ketewel customary village did not conduct ritual on Kuningan Day because there is a resident who gave birth to a male and female twin.

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