Expert: Concern on Torture to Elephants

An Indian history and living environment expert Prof Nandhita Krishna is concerned on torture to elephants in Indonesia before it is used as entertaining show.

“The torture is done by its coaches so the wild animals want to follow the command and will of the coach,” he said in the seminar of Animal Prosperity According to Hindu Religion in Denpasar.

According to her, the Indian government take a firm action and prohibit torture on elephants so that it becomes tame and obedient to the coach’s command.

“The concept of Hindu doesn’t allow violence to animals such as elephants and dogs as those animals are sacred,” said Nandhita in the seminar attended by hundreds students from five universities in Bali.

The professor of Madras University, India, reminded that all animals shouldn’t be tortured, including dogs that must be treated as human.

For that reason, in handling rabies totally, elimination (killing) of dogs isn’t right solution, beside in Hindu philosophy, eliminating can’t make maximum result.

Nandhita Krishna who is the editorof ECONEWS, Indian Journal of Environmental Education explained that in India there are 162 dogs’ bite recorded out of 1,2 billion people by applying population control so the dogs isn’t easily reproduced.

By controlling the dog’s population it could prevent rabies and be applied in Bali, so we don’t have to eliminate the dog.

The seminar was held with cooperation of “Bali Animal Welfare Association” (BAWA), Universitas Hindu Indonesia (UNHI), and Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Bali.

Beside Nandhita Krishna the seminar was also presented Ida Pedande Gede Made Gunung, a Hindus figure with working paper (Dharmawacana) on the practice of caring animals in Bali.

Animals have a high position in Hindu religion. According to Hindu Holy Scripture, animals are described as faithful companion of Gods and as teacher for human. With its significant role, Hindus people are taught to care their pets properly, protect them, which is karma.

Bali is known as Island of Thousands Temples and Balinese people are expected to take care the animals in a proper way.

However, in fact many animals that are abandoned and tortured in many places, so it doesn’t portray the Hindu values.

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