Information Commission Fulfill Walhi’s Request


Information Commission of Bali Province fulfills half request from Indonesian Environment Forum (Walhi) to get information on how the management license for Ngurah Rai Public Forest Park is issued by the Governor Made Mangku Pastika.

“The defendant must give eight documents asked by the applicants,” said the Head of Judges Panel Information Commission Bali Province GdeSantanuin the break of information dispute trial on Ngurah Rai Tahura license in Denpasar.

He commanded Bali Governor to give the documents by fourteen workdays after the verdict. If there is any dissatisfaction, they could deliver in written format in three days.

The information excluded based on the regulation must be blackened by the defendant. Three documents excluded are request letter from the holders of Ngurah Rai Tahura management license to the Governor.

Besides, it is the area map of work plan and attachment of environment safety-environment mitigation efforts (UKL-UPL).

Meanwhile, Agung Herwanto as the defendant’s attorney will coordinate the verdict to determine the next step.

“We can’t determine the step now, whether or not to accept the decision because we have to discuss it again with the group,” he said.

Adi Sumiarta as the Advocate and Legal Division of Walhi Bali said that the decision is a lesson for Governor that all information for public can’t be hidden anymore.

“We appreciate the decision. It gives the Governor a lesson on information openness,” he said.

He said that based on the decision all information required must be given to Walhi based on the time constraint given.

Walhi received the decision and wait for the good attitude from government of Bali Province to give the letter.

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